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The "BIG IDEA" and "WHY" Behind Chiropractic

Written By Plateau Chiropractic and Massage on June 24, 2020

Big Idea Light Bulb


What’s the BIG IDEA in regards to what chiropractic can do for individuals with symptoms of pain or limitation? Some people think that when they go to a chiropractor, they have to have intense pain to make it worth going to visit a chiropractor. Some people consider a wellness or maintenance model to help them continue to feel great and not getting their body to the point with symptoms of pain or limitations.

Looking deeper into the body, there is a lot of electricity coming from your brain that is sending signals through the Nervous System. This system of nerves travels from your brain, which enter and exit down the spine going to your arms, body, internal organs, and muscles. The Nervous System is built with 31 pairs of nerves, which travel down your spine in and out of 24 vertebras, where at each vertebra you have a set of nerves that exit each side and go to different parts of your body. The nerves pass through muscles, in and around joints of the bones, and travel all the way down the arms and legs into the fingers and toes. At each point of travel, there could be pressure that impinges onto that nerve when it passes through the joint. This impingement could be at the vertebra level when it exits the spine, or it could be anywhere it passes around and through the 208 bones of the body. This additional pressure causes the signal of that nerve to become less and doesn’t allow as much information to get to the endpoint, kind of like a flickering light bulb that has electricity, but not all of the electricity that is needed to make it glow bright and strong.

Chiropractors use their focus on the structure of the bones that create your skeleton and how they align themselves with each other. The second level of focus is on the nervous system and how an impingement may occur or happen when the nerves are exiting the spine and going into the body. If there is any additional pressure on the nerves, chiropractors focus their effort on relieving the pressure with an adjustment to your spine or different joints in the body, to help them maintain the proper structure and orientation, which leads to overall function without limitation. Most always chiropractors focus is going towards the spine, as this is where the initial entrance and exit of the nerves take place, and this is where there can be limitation on how the body is moving, which puts limitation on how the nerve reacts to the rest of they body. A misalignment or joint dysfunction is what it is called when 2 vertebra are not moving correctly and are in a ‘stuck’ position. This misalignment or subluxation, gives your body the feeling or pain, discomfort, and decreased motion. The nerves have information that is traveling down from your brain into the different body parts and back up to the brain, and with a block of the information the action your body is looking for it can create interrupted signals which can lead to your body feelings of pain, limitation, discomfort, and other symptoms that can result from a lack of nerve information from your brain and back. The GOOD news is chiropractic care can help with maintaining the motion within your vertebras and other parts of your body and joints. These misaligned bones and joints get adjusted back into place and into the correct alignment, to help increase the electric signal from the brain to the body, which helps decrease the symptoms of pain or discomfort that could arise with subluxations or misalignments.

Getting back to the Big Idea with chiropractic, here is an analogy to bring it into perspective of daily life. Lets say you were walking down the street, and you always notice and see the hole or crack in the sidewalk or road. But today was different when you were walking you got distracted by something that took your mind off of the crack or hole in the ground, and you stepped right in it and rolled your left ankle. This pain in the left ankle made you stumble where you had to sit down and touch your left ankle, as it is in pain now. You are only a few blocks away from the house, so you walk back putting additional pressure on the left ankle making it swell up and become puffy, so you start putting more weight on the right hip to help alleviate the pressure into the left leg and ankle. You make it home and put ice on the left ankle, and it feels better for that night. The next day you have to go to work, but your left ankle still hurts so you have to walk with more weight on your right hip and leg for the next 1-2 weeks, due to the pain that is going on in the left ankle. After 2 weeks of walking more on the right leg, your right hip starts to hurt and cause your lower back pain on the right side. Now when you walk you are leaning forward and trying to put more weight on both legs with limiting the pressure into the right hip. Over the next few days you start to notice not so much right hip pain, but mid to upper back tension from leaning forward when you were walking, which all started from your left ankle hurting. When getting up for work and walking, sitting, standing, you start to notice that your posture isn’t as great as it was before, and now with more sitting due to the mid and lower back pain, you are starting to get neck pain and slight headaches. Looking back where it all started, was from rolling the left ankle and now you have lower back pain, mid back pain, and neck pain. Good thing is chiropractic can help all of these types of discomfort and injuries. Little things happen in daily life without any warning, and with chiropractic adjustments these aches and pain can get re-aligned back into the normal position, where the pain and discomfort can diminish.

Chiropractors help to re-align your spine and body, which includes the skeleton structure of the body. Getting to a chiropractor and having an adjustment to the areas that are injured, like the example above, can help make the areas of misalignments that are causing the pain and discomfort go away. If these areas are not taken care of they can lead your body down a path of tightness and pain, which leads to limitations that your body has to make due to the incorrect movement in that specific area of the body.

Chiropractic starts and revolves in the deep understanding of health, which depends on how the body moves and fully functions with all of the muscles, nerves, and bones that make up the full body skeleton, which gives the entire body the ability to adapt to any environment.

Living your life to the fullest does cause issues to our body through small little accidents of falls, which can cause stress and tension, which can lead to pain, discomfort and limitations. All of this is caused by misalignments of the spine and body, and chiropractic can help re-align what is out of place, which allows your body to heal itself. Chiropractic is a very safe and effective healthcare form that uses other forces besides surgery or drugs to overcome the issues that have been created by misalignments in the body.

Here at Plateau Chiropractic we understand the “WHY” around the discomforts, pain, and symptoms that bring you into the office. We can get you back to your life, one pain free, so you can start living the live you deserve. Call us Today at (425) 868-9593 to get an evaluation of any injuries or discomforts in the body, so we can help get your body back to a pain free mode.