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I came to the office with a super stiff neck, but Dr. Taylor did a fantastic job of fixing me. He also told me the mistakes I was making with different postures. It was an eye opener for me. Working on the mistakes and doing the right things, I can see the difference and I feel really good. Dr. T is the best! My boys also see him regularly and love his treatment.

-Vidhya S.

After great and comprehensive care from the staff and Dr. Taylor, I have been able to find long term relief from my car accident. It's hard to put a price on feeling better, but the rehabilitation I've received here is invaluable.

- Allison C.


Plateau Chiropractic and Massage has played a key role in my wellness program. Playing an integral part in keeping me health and moving.
-Cindy I.

I came in with bad back pain. After a few treatments, I'm almost fully functional. Thanks, Dr. Taylor!!!
-Maria T.

Came to this office with extreme pain all over, which I had for about 2 years. I was extremely tired all of the time and had no energy. Dr. Taylor explained his procedures and we made out a goal. I am now almost pain free, have lots of energy and really enjoying life again. Dr. Taylor and his staff are very great people. I felt comfortable from day one. Thanks for being great!!!
-Cheryl B.

Would recommend Dr. Taylor and staff. Clear treatment plan and quick results.
-Angelique D.

I am very impressed with Dr. Taylor and the team at Plateau Chiorpractic. I was having a lot of lower back pain and I have greatly improved, thanks to Dr. Taylor and Victor, the massage therapist. I Love Kellie at the front desk. She is awesome.
-Susie B.

Dr. Taylor has treated my son for his bedwetting problem. We saw improvement with the first session. We are continuing treatment. My son is 9 yrs and was able to have his first sleepover. We are so happy to see such positive results. Thank you Dr. T!!!
-Lisa S.

Such a GREAT place, everyone really cares about your health and well-being. Dr. Taylor is really great at articulating what he is doing with his adjustments and why, not to mention he's so personable. All of the massage therapists are wonderful. I always leave feeling great and energized!
-Janet B.

"I have been to see many M.D.'s over the last 30 years because of neck & shoulder pain that I have had since a severe car accident that I was in. I also have chronic headaches, but didn't put that together with the pain in my neck. I was referred to Dr. Taylor because of some low back pain that I have been having (I thought that the headaches and neck pain were just something that I would have to live with). He immediately asked me about my neck and sent me out for x-rays. He discovered the problem and has been since working on that area, along with my lower back. Since seeing him now for about 7 visits, I've had only 2 headaches! It's been amazing and I cannot believe that I let this go on for such a long time assuming I would have to live with that kind of pain. I would highly recommend coming to see Dr. Taylor, and discover what kind of services he could provide for you if you are in pain. He has been a miracle worker for me!"
- Kellie L.

"I've been seeing Dr. Steven Taylor since summer and I am so happy with the results, I would like to share my feedback and recommend that you give Dr. Taylor a chance to give you back your health. I have not always been a huge fan of chiropractic, however when I pulled a muscle in my arm playing golf this past summer he treated me and the results were amazing. In addition, not only did he solve my problem with my arm, but I had casually mentioned that I have had chronic knee issues due to arthritis which he also treated and solved. Most recently this past week, I had a shoulder injury which left me with excruciating pain, so I went to him for follow up because the treatment prescribed by the emergency room doctor was not working. Basically I showed up at his office when he opened at 8 am and his staff was able to get me in on short notice. I was in bad shape--because it was 5 days after the injury and I could still not move my shoulder. In less than 30 minutes, Dr. Taylor examined my injury, diagnosed it and provided a treatment plan. Leaving his office, I was almost pain free -- without drugs nonetheless. If you are looking for a health care professional you can trust, search no further. He's quite simply "amazing". He uses a very advanced technological approach for manipulation that is pain free. His staff is on the ball and really nice."

"I LOVE this place! I have been feeling so much better. The entire staff is so caring and fun. I enjoy seeing everyone....especially Dr. Taylor! His treatments and the exercises he gave me have me on the road to health!"
-Tami R.

"When I first came to Plateau Chiropractic, I had previously been to other "traditional" Chiropractors, and was still looking for relief from back pain. My first question was what methods were used, and was given information on the Impulse IQ. In my new patient exam, I was given a comprehensive workup by Dr. Taylor and his staff. I was surprised that what I thought was hurting was actually a symptom of a problem in my lower back where I swore I had no pain. The information they provided me through their testing was invaluable in my understanding what was going on with my body. Through a combination of Dr. Taylor's therapy using the Impulse IQ and massage, percussion massage and moist heat and cold therapy I am feeling much better than I have in a long time. I trust Dr. Taylor and his staff completely and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for pain relief and improvement in range of motion and just generally your quality of life."
-Erica C.

"I am so pleased with my fast recovery in such a short time. I am looking forward to continuing treatment for a healthier life with my ailments and well being. I have gone from severe pain and inability to function to low pain level and starting to become functional in just a couple of weeks. For me to be able to write this short paragraph is testimony in itself of my improvement!".
-Rosalie M.

"Since being under Doctor Taylor's care, the ringing in my ears has substantially diminished. Thank YOU Dr. Taylor!!"
-Lisa B.

"Dr. Taylor has helped me tremendously! I feel so much better on a daily basis compared to when I started my care. The exercises and stretching he had me do to compliment his treatment makes me confident that I will continue to improve."
-Erin H.

"I would recommend Dr. Taylor to family and friends. I am five visits into my treatment and Dr. Taylor has improved my range of motion while reducing pain. Dr. Taylor has a program to get you feeling better as well as helping you learn how to take care of yourself so you can improve your health after his care. THANK YOU DR. TAYLOR and Plateau Chiropractic!"
-David B.

"I can't say enough fantastic things about Dr. Taylor. He is the only Chiropractor who figured out my pelvis issue and fixed it. I will continue to be a loyal patient and encourage as many people as I can to go to him. He is one of a kind! I also enjoyed my massage with Victor and will be coming back for that too!
-Kristen S.

"After struggling with hip pain and loss of motion in my right hip for nearly 10 years and trying physical therapy twice, nothing made me feel as good as I felt after 6 treatments with Dr. Taylor! For the first time in many years, I did not experience pain in my hip after a night of dancing. Thanks for making my hip better Dr. Taylor. I hope to refer many friends and family members to you!"
-Debbie C.

"I found Dr. Taylor congenial, knowledgeable and competent. He explained what he was doing and why. I always felt better when I left compared to when I came in. The treatments on my back relieved pain and made me feel taller. The environment is pleasant and relaxing. Dr. Taylor has convinced me that Chiropractic treatment has a place in total physical health today".
-Colleen N.

"I came to Dr. Taylor after a Semi vs. Train accident. My neck, spine, shoulder and left hip were badly damaged. Within two weeks I had use of my shoulder and left arm with very little pain. My neck had recovered 90% after the first four visits, amazingly! My pain level dropped from a 9 to 3 and my hip is coming along very well considering damage sustained. All I can say is Dr. Taylor worked miracles for a patient hit by a train! I am very lucky that a family member referred me to him. As for his staff, the office women are wonderful and always go out of the way to take care of me. His Massage Therapists are very professional and knowledgeable."
-Robert U.